Teeny – The Little Dog With the Big Heart

I recently provided Reiki for a client’s dog that is suffering from liver failure. The veterinarian had given this sweet, older chihuahua girl an unspecified amount of time left, so we wanted to begin getting her some loving, healing energy as soon as possible.

It can be a real challenge when a dog is not feeling well and doesn’t want you to touch it, however Teeny just curled right up in her bed and let me do my thing. I provided Reiki for about 15 minutes initially, and then the rest of the pack started wanting my attention as well, so we took a break to spread the love and also to give them all their dinner. After they all ate and took an outside break, we were able to get settled down again, and this time I was able to do a nice, long 30 minute session with Teeny.

Teeny was calm and close while I was working with her, and we shared a couple of special moments during that time. My favorite was when Teeny reached her paw out to me, placed it on my arm and laid her head down next to my hand, falling asleep shortly thereafter. The next day, Teeny’s owner let me know that Teeny seemed to be feeling more calm and comfortable than usual.

Teeny hung in there much longer than we had expected. She had a great life and a loving family she wasn’t quite ready to leave. She finally decided she was ready to go, but she will always be in our hearts and I will always be thankful to her for being my very first client.

We love you forever, Teeny!